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May 2012

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My Schedule Does Not Contemplate Changes

Yesterday while I was driving to the mall I got a text from my sitter~ she is sick and not coming in today. Every mother reading this just went…. ugh. No matter how many times I write about this I cannot stress enough that while Gloria did indeed give us “choices” thanks to women's lib and all she never contemplated the problems and workload these choices would ultimately cause. My schedule simply does not contemplate last minute changes like this.

So, while driving I called my husband and asked him to pop home and make the beds, straighten up the house, make sure we had milk etc, figure out what was for dinner and prepare it, pick up my son and get him to religion on the East Side while managing my daughter on the West side and making sure homework is done. I'd be home later. Simple easy breezy.

Then my car crashed.  (it didn't really but I needed some dramatic effect to bring you all back to reality).

No instead I did all of the above with a few small exceptions (because I had long standing plans) and walked the mall taking notes and talked to clients. The evening plans by the way were with my cousin to go see Andy Cohen live at 92Y Tribeca for his new book. Love him~ want his job.

Is it me or is it shocking that this is Talbot's? Looks so happy.

I also think Michael Kors has the best set I have seen in ages. Colorful and tie dyed.

Things I bought today and I barely left my desk:

1) two pair of Saucony sneaks~ my favorite ones which I found on sale on Amazon (last year's color)

2) a Wantful book as a gift for a friend~

This is a great article on the Founder and the business:

3) Pre-chopped veggies so that I could prepare a meal before I went out since day two no sitter!!!!!

What to do.... my kid's camp gave strict guild lines about what electronics they can bring. They allow some portable games but this is less my concern. They do not allow iTouches only shuffles and iPods. Let's start here… does anyone own an Ipod anymore? NO. Certainly not a kid. They can bring the others as long as the video is removed but no iTouch. While I want to adhere to their policy let's call a spade a spade here~ they are asking us to spend even more money (again) so that our kids are video/ Internet free. Essentially I have to either buy my kids a $249 classic or $129 Nano just for camp.


This is insane. The other funny electronic no-no was a digital camera is okay but one with video is not. I am not even sure they make these anymore to be honest I looked and couldn't find one and again, I am not spending more money for a new digital camera for my kids just for camp with old technology. I think the reason this bothers me so much is that unlike new up-charges on trunks (used to be included and hailed as a savings versus other camps) it does not help me. In fact it is a backwards step.   If I adhere to the rules that is another at least $300 for Ipods + I don't know what for a ~ I am guessing~ used old camera all for seven weeks. Why not just ban all technology? This seems so much easier to me rather than be in this state of half-pregnant. There was a comment that senior kids and older could use their music to run and exercise~ okay this I get but the rest of them? Live without it for seven weeks. Now I am stuck~ I won't send my kids without it so that they are the only ones because it is simply not fair to them. On the other hand I am not buying them old technology.  Stalemate.  Thoughts?